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Azure Mentor Program
  • A program to help entry level Azure partners to gain Azure competency and close their first 5 opportunities. 
  • In FY2016, 2000 slots allocated for worldwide Azure partners. Each partner will have free mentor services and benefit for 180 days.
  • Joined effort from Marketing, CSS services and Marketing analysis team. 
BI Solution design
  • SQL repository to integrate partner profile, competency, activities, and Azure consumption data.
  • Data sources include GMOFBI, AMP SharePoint, C+E and Connect US. 
  • Use Power BI for dashboard and reports
Build BI reports to monitor and track activities, performance of MS partners participating in Azure Mentor Program


Cloud is one of the key business. Microsoft is heavily counting on third party partners to sell Azure services to end customers. Close partner relationship with third party customers has direct impact to Azure revenue.
Windows Azure provides comprehensive could services cover IaaS, PaaS, SaaS areas. New services add to Azure every year. It’s important to help third partner partners updated with new Azure services available, so partners can provide more help to end customers.
There are new third party partners on-boarding every day. Many partners don’t have the knowledge and experience needed to engage with their customers rapidly. Azure Mentor Program is designed to ramp up Azure knowledge for these partners, so they can close opportunities with end customers quickly.


  • Built SQL repository, pulling data from AMP SharePoint, GMOFBI, C+E, Connect US
  • Created Power BI portal for dashboard and reports
  • Created 20 BI reports cover areas of Partner Nominations, Activities, and Opportunities
  • BI reports covering Consumption, Completion, Benchmarks
    Still under development
  • Revise summary reports for executive and stakeholders
  • Provide data analytic support
  • BI reports to cover ROI and post graduation activities and opportunities

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