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Information Communication Technology



ZGC Boston Project is a comprehensive IT Infrastructure project, which includes Structured Cabling, IT, television, LED, security monitoring system, AV system. The implementation has a certain degree of difficulty in the coordination of multiple sub-projects, the overlapping parts of each sub-project of the division of responsibilities, construction progress, Staffing and pre-treatment of unexpected incidents.


  • The unknown demand of the customer is underestimated and the customer's frequent changes to the construction plan are not foreseen.
  • Inexperience of the collaborative work of multi-suppliers and multi-cooperative units, unfamiliar with the cooperative relationship between guilds and non-guild units, the legal regulations of guild construction
  • The lack of predictability of the project progress, the failure to accurately estimate the progress of the construction, resulting in the construction progress of the grasp is not accurate.
  • Insufficient pre-processing capacity for safety accidents of construction personnel, no contingency plans such as safety accidents


Experience needs to be accumulated to allow enough redundancy in the early stages of programming to meet the changing needs of late customers.
More information is needed on safety and the various laws and regulations relating to trade unions.

There is a need to improve technical knowledge and learn more about the processes and complexities of projects such as LEDs, AV, construction, waste disposal, etc.
Develop a safety accident pretreatment program that prohibits personnel without insurance certificates from working on the field to avoid unnecessary legal disputes. 


The project has successfully completed on time. All work meets government requirements. Clients are satisfied with our deliverable.
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