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Business Intelligence & Data Analytics 

Business Intelligence

Inspur’s Business Intelligence envisions an analytics-driven enterprise to deal with the data duality. An analytics-driven enterprise overcomes challenges in the new-age-data-ecosystem through the most effective combination of people, process, and technology elements that support its data-analytics initiatives. An analytics-driven enterprise is also able to uncover the potential that data possesses in its entirety to the extent that it is able to monetize data.


Inspur Data Analytics envisages enterprises to monetize data through the following levels:

Customer Intimacy Analytics

delivering delightful customer experiences driven by actionable insights that ensure revenue upside for the enterprise

Operational Efficiency & Risk Management

higher efficiency through automation and insights-driven operations, and prevention of risk across the business value chain through predictive insights, which help reduce costs and in turn offer monetary gain for the enterprise

New Revenue Streams Analytics

by enabling enterprises to convert data into strategic assets that create new revenue models

Analytics as A Service

with access to our data exploration tools, your team is able to quickly leverage business intelligent actionable insights with minimized incremental infrastructure costs


Intelligent Product Deployment

integrates deployment data with licensing and account level data to provide automated insights for scorecard metrics and field incentives supporting customer’s global product deployment strategy. 

Results: faster product deployment, higher adoption and revenue growth.

Azure Mentor Program BI Reporting Solution

Build BI reports to monitor and track activities, performance of MS partners participating in Azure Mentor Program


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