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Managed Operations

Chargeback Disputing, Fraud Investigation, Risk Operation


Inspur Chargeback team has over 7 years of experience in helping clients with Chargeback Disputing and Fraud Investigation.
Inspur Chargeback team works to dispute at least 4,000 chargeback cases every day. Through rigorous testing and issue reporting, the documents started generating with more consistent, accurate, and relevant information to each individual case. Each agent would review a case in depth to verify all generated information as well as add any potential missing data.
Agents were held to the standard of completing cases with 99% accuracy over the course of a week. Along with disputing the chargeback cases, the team is in charge of creating and maintaining custom software macros to simplify the disputing process and reduce the chance of human error. With the increased number of cases disputed and the consistent quality, the overall win-rate of disputed cases has increased significantly, allowing the clients to save money by not having to pay out for each case that has been won. Our work consistently exceeds clients' expectations, and results in client satisfaction.


  • Consistently dispute 20,000 cases per week
  • Maintain 99% accuracy on disputed cases
  • Assisted in increasing automated disputes by 30%

Project Type 

  • Chargeback Disputing, Fraud Investigation, Risk Operation

Team Size

  • 20+ Chargeback specialists

Technology & Skills

  • Chargeback/Fraud investigation;
  • Risk Analysis;
  • Case Disputing;
  • Automation Testing;
  • Customer Service


  • Dispute optimal number of cases for maximum cost value
  • Developed custom script to improve productivity and qualityInvestigate the fraud cases, collect evidence, and helped increasing the win-rate of disputed cases.
  • Helped the clients to save money by not having to pay out for each case that has been won.

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