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Quality Assurance



Execute functional validation for 2 different major features, ensure high-quality product and releases.  The Inspur team performs daily feature validation, and weekly acceptance-level validation for different branch and builds and monitor new customer feedback for regressions/investigations.  Inspur’s team has become the extended team of the client’s core team and have posted more than 5000 bugs and delivered more than 250 tasks in the past 4+ years, and successfully delivered all the deliverables on time and on target.  

Functional testing


6 engineers in 2 different locations


VSO, Product Studio, Office Gemini Dogfood, Nebula, Debugger, Hyper-V, PowerShell, Watson, VB, bug reporting skills, troubleshooting skills, etc.


Different PC, Mac, and mobile platforms


  • In addition to reviewing the internal feedback, Inspur team took the initiation to review the external feedback and investigation as well
  • Created a centralized Wiki which has rich How-To info for both features.  This help speed up onboarding and ramping up 
  • Built a rich knowledge base that includes well-written articles, key process info, recorded training
  • Functional validation feature list increased from 93 to 125
  • Contribution to globalization testing. Covered more than 30 languages (e.g., Russia, Spanish, RTL) regularly
  • Additional test coverage of different product versions/SKU
  • Received great feedback and appraised for client. Inspur tester has created semi-automation tool that reduce execution time by about 60%. Inspur has the technical experience and capability to identify needs and opportunities to help improve the efficiency and productivity
  • Setup and maintain VM machines with monthly builds to assist bug and test verifications.
  • Consistently review bug fixes recently within 7 days to identify code change areas, and find regression bugs as soon as we can 
  • Perform monthly Bug bash; generally it results about 20+ bugs within 2 days 
  • In past years, Bugs total: 104 bugs average per month, Bug fix rate: 39% in average (KPI is 30% for Excel). 


of Engagement

OVER 100

Test Activities & Found Good Quality Bugs


Bugs Average per Month

39% IN AVS.

Bug Fix Rate (KPI is 30% for Excel)
Inspur USA Inc Outsourcing Services - Cl
We have been consistently meeting or exceeding SLA/KPIs

How Can We Help?

Inspur has access to a large pool of highly skilled, technical professionals.

We are proud of employing the best and the brightest. 

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