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As a leading cloud solution provider, our cloud expert team helps you to benefit from cloud: Flexibility, Security ,Cost Efficiency, Go mobile.


Cloud Advisory and Provisioning

We help our clients understand and adopt a cloud effectively, working with Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Alibaba Cloud services.

  • Survey of today’s client’s IT environment and business processes.

  • Design the cloud infrastructure (could be public cloud or hybrid and multi-cloud solution) based on business needs and budget architectures and IT Service Catalogs

  • Multiple cloud resource purchasing and billing service

  • Procurement and ongoing cost governance, including business-friendly billing based on purchase orders

  • Design and implementation of 3rd party solutions to enable IT to manage operations effectively in a public cloud, such as monitoring/management products, security technologies, and automation tools

  • Automation of infrastructure provisioning, release management, and configuration management processes

Inspur USA Inc - Cloud Advisory and Prov
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Cloud Migration

Moving data and applications from premises to the cloud is called cloud migration. The process may involve moving all your applications and services, or some applications are moved to the cloud, while others remain on-premise.

  • Assessment and planning including technical assessment, platform evaluation, and cloud migration roadmap development

  • Migration to SaaS based enterprise solutions from on premise-based environment

  • Custom development of highly scalable single- or multi-tenant software solutions that run in and across public and private cloud architectures

  • Integration of cloud applications and on-premise solutions

  • Infrastructure management of IaaS platforms including remote monitoring and incident management, patch and security management, remote backups and data management, and performance management

Cloud Security

Cloud security includes the ecosystem of people, processes, policies, and technology that protect data and applications that operate in the cloud. 

  • Examine how an enterprise processes and stores data and then craft a custom data-governance protocol for comprehensive protection

  • Professional cloud security assessments and penetration testing

  • Cloud application security training and testing 

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Inspur is committed to excellence

Inspur has access to a large pool of highly skilled, technical professionals.

We are proud of employing the best and the brightest. 

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