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Business Intelligence & Data Analytics 

Data Modeling

Your organization has accumulated vast amounts of data over the years, aided by an explosion in inexpensive storage capacity. It has occurred to you that you are adrift in a sea of data, and some of it is very valuable, while the rest is just… open ocean. How do you get to the key data that unlocks the valuable insights? Inspur can help you realize above goals through below services:

Master Data Management

Helps rationalize and synchronize critical master data among operational systems, including data warehouses, to provide a single version of the truth across your organization

Enterprise Information Management

Effectively manages business information at the enterprise level and turns it into actionable insights by streamlining data

Intelligent Enterprise Roadmap

ensures your data and information strategy effectively aligns with your overall business strategy while leveraging foundational components to maximize your ROI


The Single Source for Your Business Technology Needs

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