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Cloud Migration



Our client is a world-leading, whole-series and whole-application engine supplier, as well as the largest one. It is the leader company in heavy trucks engine market. 
  • This outdated IT environment made it difficult to scale its vehicle monitoring capabilities, assess vehicle health proactively and capture analytics for insights into performance across the company
  • With more than 1.5 million units delivered yearly, it is a challenge to have such big scale number of equipment connected and monitored


  • Utilizing the elastic computing resource from major Cloud provider, the system can handle numerous sensor signals from sensors dynamically – peak time and off-peak periods without adding complicated on-premise hardware server farm.
  • Enables the manufacturer to scale its vehicle performance monitoring capabilities from 400,0 to millions of vehicles. 
  • Through analytics, tech support center can predict maintenance requirements and better manage their service supply chains. 
  • Integrate with SMS and online messaging system provided by cloud platform, alerts and instructions can reach drivers, operators, service people instantly

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