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Business Intelligence

Intelligent Product Deployment


Intelligent Product Deployment (IPD) program integrates deployment data with licensing and account level data to provide automated insights for scorecard metrics and field incentives supporting customer’s global product deployment strategy. 
It provides telemetry driven insights into deployment of product and devices, identifies potential abuse of product licenses with enterprise customers, and effectively attain to sales field compensation.
Results: faster product deployment, higher adoption and revenue growth.


The client and its partners / field sellers are in lack of reliable, automated, and intelligent insights to appropriately track & manage the process of its product deployment to its large commercial customers. This results in inefficiencies in deployment and adoption of latest product version, and ultimately affects the revenue and market share growth.


Through the Intelligent Product Deployment (IPD) program, we enabled and drove the automated measurement of product deployment. We created an optimized process and new data fabric to connect device agreement and customer data, for enabling the business’ scorecard metrics and field compensation.  
  • Developed and provided TELEMETRY driven insights into deployment of product and devices
  • Automated the Deployment and Devices metrics on the subsidiary scorecard
  • Identified potential abuse of product licenses with its enterprise customers
  • Enabled metric attainment to the compensation package of field roles – the account managers, partners and field sellers now have an RBI accelerator on deployment 


The IPD program enables faster product deployment, higher adoption and revenue growth.
  • Created a reusable iBPM fabric asset of workflows, informational model, governance framework
  • Improved data quality – effective ownership % of all deployed devices raised from 68% to 91%
  • Reduced reliance on manual processing, execution friction and misreporting
  • Ability to detect mis-licensing/mis-versioning (product key leakage) scenarios as proactive practice for anti-piracy

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"This project is very complex and it is fantastic to see that it all came together on time! Having this telemetry has the potential to drastically change the way we execute in the field."


VP, EngineerSenior Director of Product Deployment Division
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