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Application Design & Development

Enhanced Customer Experience with Omni-Channel Application Platform as a Service


As one of innovative solution providers in ecommerce & digital marketing domain, the client wanted to build a new platform as a service for business insight analytics to increase customer sales and improve marketing conversion rate. To attract the millennials and retain other customer segments, the client wanted to deliver omni-channel customer experience across its website on computers and mobile devices. It needed to modernize existing applications and IT systems for AI-enabled functionalities and personalized intuitive interfaces across channels.


Inspur worked closely with the client to create a new omni-channel application platform as a service for business insight analytics with enhanced customer experience.
The Inspur team designed, developed, tested, and deployed application programming interface (API)-based software components to action a range of services on data analytics platform. These micro-service features were robust, secure, scalable, and automated. These were integrated with the client’s existing IT set-up to ensure a seamless, omni-channel experience.
The Inspur team also designed, implemented, tested and deployed application user interfaces. The application-based modular approach provided responsive layouts adaptive to different browser screen sizes across various types of devices and allowed a faster time-to-market. 


Inspur has helped the client successfully developed and launched various new application platform features on monthly basis, with compliments and positive feedbacks received from the client’s end users.
With the new business insight analytics application platform, the client was able to attract the millennial customers and earned the reputation as a leading provider of innovative digital marketing analytics application as a service. This helped the client not only transform digital marketing service offerings, but also differentiate and gain competitive advantage in the market.
Inspur also helped the client develop many first-of-its-kind AI-enabled functionalities, which are improving user adoption and increasing the client’s revenue directly. AI-enabled digital transformation and automation have also resulted in unprecedented efficiency, agility, and scalability in the client’s operations and reduced cost.
  • 3X (Increase in number of passengers using mobile channels)
  • 50% (Development cost savings by using cross-platform development frameworks and flexibly-sourced resources)
  • 4 (Point Increase in net promoter score)

"Inspur provides digital expertise and professional support for our new application. Inspur is a great partner to work with."


VP of Engineering from the client

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