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Data Visualization


Universal Store Business Operation Dashboards with VIZFX Framework


The Inspur Business Intelligence Team at Universal Store Business Operation took the responsibility for the infrastructure design and management, development, maintenance, integration, data governance and data reporting of the Universal Store Payment and Risk Dashboards.
We built new dashboards for the Payment and Risk reports, using the VIZFX framework and Microsoft BI solutions. The new portal demonstrates:
  • Improved user experience
  • Increased reports performance
  • Enhanced data security


The Universal Store Business Operation team was planning to produce Payment and Risk reports with data coming from various sources, such as Cosmos, TFS, PDS, SQL Server Database, Analysis Services Database, Static Excels and Batch files. 
The team was using Excel PowerPivot data models to manage and present the data. Due to the Excel PowerPivot’s limitations in available memory, performance and data connections, the end users experienced non response, slow refresh and incomplete charts when they loaded or filtered the reports.
The challenge was to connect these various business systems and data silos to deliver smooth business operations and a joined-up view of all the business data. 
case study - Universal store _ BizOps 2.
Payment and Risk Dashboard UI examples using the VIZFX framework, build on top of HTML5 and JQuery.


The solution rendered by the Inspur Business Intelligence Team is to use Insights VIZFX framework as the front end for the reports visualization, and a staging data server as the back end, with the SQL agent jobs connecting the front and back ends.
The Insights VIZFX is a framework that enables designing and building rich interactive data visualizations built on top of HTML5 and JQuery.  SQL and Cube are staging servers that aggregate, store and process the data from different data sources. 


  • Compared with the previous Excel PowerPivot dashboards, the new Payment and Risk dashboards based on the VIZFX framework improved greatly the user experience, reports performance and data security. The new dashboards are able to display the results from different data silos in one single report.
  • With the new dashboards, the client can easily adjust the report results from the data end, as well as the charts style 

"Without your hard effort, we won’t be able to make it happen, THANK YOU!"


Leo Xue, Senior PM Manager, Universal Store BizOps, Microsoft

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