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Volume Licensing BAM


Volume Licensing Dashboard delivers an end-to-end business analytic solution through to allow Volume Licensing business management to visualize and monitor revenue-based and process-based metrics. 
  • Delivers revenue-based performance metrics relevant to Volume Licensing
  • Integrates Volume Licensing business operations process-based performance metrics
  • Filters through segments, channels, geographies etc.
  • Rapid and low cost in on-boarding new metrics


The lack of an end-to-end business view for Volume Licensing impacts client’s ability to understand performance, make informed decisions and articulate business value delivered. If we understood our end-to-end performance, we could prioritize future scope more effectively, identify and address problems more quickly, manage trade-offs intelligently and quantify the value delivered.
Inspur iBPM based business metrics deliver simplified experience in analytics


Powered by Inspur iBPM solution, Volume Licensing dashboard is implemented as an automated near real-time iBPM BAM solution with multi-tier architecture. It delivers end-to-end business intelligence that connects business data sourced from various business groups. 
It empowers account executives, marketing managers and volume licensing managers to view revenue-based and process-based metrics relevant to Volume Licensing business. It also empowers operations managers to perform focused-level business analytics via filter / pivot capabilities on segments, channels, geographies and other dimensions.


Volume Licensing dashboard solution has enabled a comprehensive view of the end-to-end Volume Licensing business operations performance with visualization of 100+ KPIs/metrics. 
  • Enabled speed and improved productivity for account executives, marketing managers and volume licensing managers to understand Volume Licensing business operations performance at a glance
  • Increased accuracy by minimizing manual administration efforts in KPI metric extraction
  • Created a reusable technical asset of informational model and governance framework; It also enables speed and low cost in new metric on-boarding

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