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Software Engineering 

Agile & DevOps Transformation

Organizations are embracing Agile & DevOps to accelerate software delivery and increase collaboration amongst development, assurance, and operations teams. Agile methodologies account for >33% of software projects and are soon expected to exceed 50%. When speed is of essence, and quality must be top-notch, Agile & DevOps are the only way forward. However, implementation is not easy, and requires changes in organizational structure, collaborative mindset, new metrics, new skills, and new tools. 

Service Offerings

Whether it is a one-off testing project, setting up agile testing practices, developing a full-scale test center of excellence for the entire organization, or a DevOps transformation journey, Inspur offers customers the skills, resources, and expertise to create world-class solutions. Inspur has made significant investments to reimagine Quality Assurance & Engineering for Agile & DevOps:

  • Test methodologies and practices that focus on Shift Left/Right for first time right quality

  • Experts who are well versed in agile methodologies, in-sprint test automation, and Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) tools

  • Tools and solutions for continuous integration and continuous deployment

  • Methodologies and practices to assess agile test process maturity

  • Organizational change management practices to assure a smooth journey towards adoption of Agile and DevOps


  • Respond to surging customer expectations and maintain a competitive advantage

  • Accelerate the pace of innovation and simultaneously improve quality

  • Cater to the multitude of emerging devices and platforms

  • Reduce cost and eliminate waste and error across the entire development cycle

  • Find your fit by scaling up or ramping down globally, based on your requirements


The Single Source for Your Business Technology Needs

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