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Experienced global development resources combine with proven local project management to guarantee timely delivery of custom software at reduced project costs, specializing in Microsoft Dynamics and .NET


Business Process Outsourcing

Inspur’s Business Process Outsourcing service helps businesses to constantly evolve to more intelligent, fully orchestrated processes that take into account customers, employees, suppliers and business partners alike to remain efficiency growth and cost savings.

Managed Application Operation

We offer Application Operations services that are geared towards revolutionizing the clients’ application outsourcing portfolio, while enabling them to garner higher and enhanced business value. 

Customer Support

Inspur ensures all-round, top-notch user experience and full customer care for you and your clients. With our qualified, multi-channel support based on best practices, customers get comprehensive customer service tailored to their needs.

Managed Operations

Chargeback Disputing, Fraud Investigation, Risk Operation


How Can We Help?

Inspur has access to a large pool of highly skilled, technical professionals.

We are proud of employing the best and the brightest. 

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