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Our engineers are experienced with developing highly complex custom applications leveraging mainstream technologies, frameworks and platforms. Our focus is on providing the most innovative, but cost effective, technology engineering services and solutions to meet your business needs.


Application Design
& Development

Inspur brings proven expertise to help clients gain clarity around their requirements, their users, and the technology required to bring their ideas to reality. Inspur matches a strong development team that focuses on development efficiency & quality, as well as user experience and your brand. 

Mobile Enablement

Inspur can help to bring immediate positive results to your business with mobile strategy by extending the capabilities of mobile devices and increase the reach of your enterprise application with modern on-the-go experiences, increasing productivity greatly.

UX/UI Design

Your organization has accumulated vast amounts of data over the years, aided by an explosion in inexpensive storage capacity. It has occurred to you that you are adrift in a sea of data, and some of it is very valuable, while the rest is just… open ocean. How do you get to the key data that unlocks the valuable insights?

Quality Assurance

Inspur can create a test automation factory tailored specifically to your needs, delivering true business ROI by cutting down the effort and time needed for testing. We also make it easy for you to begin improving your testing processes.  Simply select services from Inspur’s testing services catalog and our team can begin working towards agreed KPIs. 

Agile & DevOps Transformation

Organizations are embracing Agile & DevOps to accelerate software delivery and increase collaboration amongst development, assurance, and operations teams. Agile methodologies account for >33% of software projects and are soon expected to exceed 50%. 

Performance Engineering

Inspur adopts a pragmatic and “total quality management” approach in terms of testing, tuning, modeling, monitoring and capacity planning for optimum performance. With such, the performance and scalability of applications can be enhanced across technology stacks and lifecycle.

The software engineering services from Inspur are focused on five areas to support clients' needs across industries:

  • We operate development teams as businesses, focusing on delivery excellence and continuous productivity increase, turning cost centers into value centers.

  • We combine our engineering, supply chain, and BPO capabilities to expand our role across the offering life cycle from target-setting to end-of-life.

  • We consult and invest with clients to advance technologies and help bring distinctive offerings to the market.

  • We design, deploy, and maintain cross-functional processes and systems for product life cycle management, telecom network operations, and manufacturing automation using best-of-breed approaches, mixing commercial software with custom integration.

  • We provide specialized engineering capabilities as shared services cutting across industries, bringing a wealth of experience and technical expertise, which was hitherto not accessible to our clients.

Inspur - Software Engineering - Agility.

Making quick and informed decisions in a complex, fast-paced, competitive business environment, and understanding cost / value implications across the value chain 

Inspur - Software Engineering - Enhancem

Adopting forward-thinking solutions in engineering concepts, technologies and business systems to be on the cutting edge and create more value for customers

Inspur - Software Engineering - Profitab

Maximizing customer opportunity across the relationship life cycle with offerings needed to gain repeat business, wallet share, and stability


Quality Assurance

Azure Web Platform Testing Project (Cloud + AI)


How Can We Help?

Inspur has access to a large pool of highly skilled, technical professionals.

We are proud of employing the best and the brightest. 

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