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Service Management

Service Quality Management

Inspur can help you in Service Quality Management to articulate how a company defines success and what needs to be done to offer and maintain high-quality services, and is also used as a management technique to motivate your employees, stakeholders and partners and influence their behavior and interactions with customers.


Inspur can implement Service Quality Management procedures to monitor service quality across all company touch points and use the following beneficial features to improve your organization for good:


Create and measure your own definition of customer and employee satisfaction, enabling the custom evaluation of success according to the factors important to you


Implement a measurement system to capture the exact data you need, saving time and cutting costs otherwise spent digging through heaps of data


Receive custom performance reports, such as NPS, satisfaction rankings, and benchmarks to view business performance from varied perspectives


Continuously monitor the development of results in collaboration with entire teams, resulting in closer and more transparent collaboration and reduced response times


Use a bonus-malus system based on service performance achievements and motivate teams and contractors to do an even better job


Close the gap between customer expectations and service reality to increase customer satisfaction and build loyalty 


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