Process DNA / PPM project leverages Inspur iBPM solution to provide a platform for organizations to approach Business Process Management and Performance Monitoring capability through an easy on-boarding, cloud-based, and near real time business insight and analytics framework.
Process DNA allows organizations to define these business process and use analytic dashboard to monitor their real time operational data:
  • Define and visualize business process in a diagram
  • Integrate and monitor their business activity result data into the diagram
  • Near real-time Dashboard
Many organizations have involved with a variety of business processes and have faced with various challenges:
  • Lack of an comprehensive end-to-end process visualization view with process execution performance results
  • Lack of automated intelligent escalation mechanism for process performance alerting
  • Lack of predictive analytics capabilities to foresee business operations risks or problems
  • The client is needing a solution to accelerate its iBPM capability and empower business clients to make intelligent data-driven decisions for improved customer services.
Organize top metrics per user to monitor near real-time process performance.
Alerts will display when actual performance results are beyond the predefined targets for proactive control actions.
Powered by Inspur iBPM solution, Process DNA as a platform framework with enablement of various business analytics capabilities has been provided to enable new experience to organizations with below capabilities.
  • Consolidated experience in navigating and viewing process visualizations that enables business insights on actual performance results, as well as predictive analytics via cloud-based machine learning engines
  • Process Performance Map (PPM) as an end-to-end aggregation of relevant performance metrics and data, visualized in a user-familiar process flow provides a consumable, reference-able, up-to-date snapshot of key process performance (Yield, Cycle Time, Volume), while allowing for early detection of process areas performing below "control limits"
  • Enablement of setting operational targets and alerting rules on important stages of the process for monitoring with actions
  • Efficiency - Organization management teams can quickly access to end-to-end process performance results at a glance, enabling leadership for fast decision-making. Organizations can also quickly on-board additional processes to the platform framework and start monitoring their business process with new visualized experience.  
  • Effectiveness – Comprehensive end-to-end process performance results and predictive analytics are provided to organization management teams with alerting mechanism when needed to enable effective decision making.
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